All Specialties are served with Basmati Rice. (Choose Mild, Medium or Spicy)

16. Eggplant Bhurta


Eggplant baked over open flames, seasoned with herbs & spices

17. Mater Panir


Fresh homemade cheese cooked with tender garden peas & spices

18. Palak Panir


Homemade cheese with spinach & spices

19. Malai Kofta


Minced homemade cheese & potato balls stuffed with dried fruits, cooked in a special sauce

20. Punjabi Special Daal


Creamed lentils delicately tempered & seasoned with exotic spices

21. Raita


Whipped yogurt with chopped cucumber & tomatoes spiced with fresh mint

22. Mix Vegetables


Fresh mixed vegetables cooked in special spices

23. Vegetables Korma


Carrot, cauliflower, green beans, peas, potatoes with almonds and raisins

24. Channa Masala


Garbanzo beans and potatoes cooked in gravy of spices

25. Aloo Gobi


Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with special spices